Photo edit

What is photo editing?

We live in A era of technologies. We had reached so far; now, technology is in our palmtop.
Years ago, people used to create a portrait of there selves as a memory of a sweet time of their life.

That time people had to call a professional painter and sit for hour after hour in front of them. Even after this long effort and time, they never got the perfect picture.

In the year 1885, the camera was invented, and after that, everything started to change. Before only rich people can afford to have a portrait of there selves as hiring a painter was expensive those days and still is.
After more than a hundred years, the camera is no more a rich people thing. Nowadays the camera is in your hand for 24/7. Read more


Why photo editing is important?

There is a Famous Quote “Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.”
We all know the first impression is significant in every turn in our life. 

In the modern era, everything has gone online. Now we have to make our impression online. And for that, the only way is an image. Either it is for your video, product or yourself. The Picture of your object defines the subject.
Let us have an example, imagine you are a jeweler’s business owner, and you run your business online as well. Now how would your customer get attracted to your product? 
Obviously, by your image of the product, even in physical shops business, owners display their product in a position which makes it look more attractive than other places. Read more

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