We offer a high-quality clipping path service:

Edit Pix offers high-quality clipping path services at competitively low prices. We are highly professional and have many years of experience in clipping paths and photo editing services.

Besides clipping paths, we also do many other image editing tasks, such as image recoloring, image retouching, image resizing, image shadowing, image manipulation/neck joining, image restoration, hair masking service, and background removal.

You can visit our portfolio to learn more about our clipping paths and photo editing quality.

Image Clipping path
Clipping path

What is the clipping path?

The clipping path is the vector pattern that is helpful to cut a particular portion of the image using the Photoshop pen tool technique. The pen tool keeps the size of the image inside the path. It extracts the outer part of the picture perfectly.

Our designer manually draws the path around the object using the Photoshop pen tool to remove the background from the image.

It is 100% hand-made clipping path services with top-notch quality at affordable prices.

The starting price is $0.29

Remove the background of your image with our hand-drawn clipping path service without damaging or losing any pixels or resolution.

How to Path an Image?

It can clip a picture in two ways: by hand or automatically. When taking a picture by hand, use the pen tool in image editing software to draw the object’s outline. Even though it takes longer, this method gives more accurate results.

On the other hand, it is done automatically by software that uses formulas to find the object’s edges. It’s faster this way, but it might not be as accurate as pathing by hand.

There are also many other tools to remove the object’s background, such as the Magic Wand Tool, Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, etc., but they cannot select the object and cut it smoothly. So, there is no alternative to the clipping path.

There is also other automatic software that tries to remove the background by automatic selection, but it is limited to selecting objects thoroughly, so it may not work as you expect.

Clipping path
Clipping path

Why need clipping path service:

It might need an image clipping or masking service for much of the time. Here are some of the most popular reasons:

An image’s background is often used for product pictures where the object must stand out against a white background.

For e-commerce websites, image masking is often used to make pictures of products. On a white background, this lets businesses show off their goods in a way that looks more professional and appealing to customers.

When you want to combine two or more pictures into one, this is called a composite image. It might put together a picture of a product and the setting to make the scene look more natural.

When you want to change the color of an image, such as a product image, you must create a clipping path or color path according to the product’s color so that you can recolor it correctly.

To get an image ready to print, they can use clipping paths to ensure it prints appropriately with no background bleeding.

Type of Clipping Path and Prices:

Clipping paths come in four main types: simple, medium, complex, and super complex.

The price of a clipping path service depends on how complicated the picture is and how quickly it is done. Most of the time, simple clipping paths cost less than complicated ones.

Cilipping path

Simple clipping path

Medium Clipping path

Clipping path

Complex clipping path

Clipping path

Super Complex clipping path

Simple clipping path: Clipping the easy way with a clean or straight edge is the “basic,” such as a box or circled image, etc.

Starting at $0.29 per image

Medium clipping path: The medium clipping path has slightly more complex edges than basic images, such as furniture or fashion.

Starting at $1.50 per image

Complex clipping path: A difficult clipping path is more complicated than the medium. For example, hair, fur, and fabric have more complex advantages.

Starting at $3 per image

Supper complex clipping path: It is a rugged edge and large file like a bicycle, jewelry chain, etc.

Starting at $7 per image

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Benefits of the Clipping Path Service:

Clipping path services have many benefits. Here are some of the most common uses:
Integrity of image: The clipping path method removes the background smoothly without losing the integrity of an image.
Elevate the quality: The Photoshop Pen tool doesn’t damage any pixels when drawing a path around an object. It improves the quality and makes the shape 100% accurate.
Manipulate image: Clipping path is a Photoshop method that helps you remove dummies and mannequins, join necks, or precisely manipulate garments or clothing images.
Replace Background: By cutting out the item from the rest of the picture, the path makes it possible to remove it or put it on a different background.
Save time: Clipping the path is easy but sometimes very difficult and time-consuming, especially for complex images. You can save time by using our clipping path service.

Who Needs Clipping Path Services:

People and companies of all sizes can use Clipping Path and photo editing services. These are some of the most famous people who use clipping path services:
Companies that Sell Things Online:
Clipping paths are often used to make pictures of products for websites that sell things online.
eCommerce companies:
The clipping path service is essential for e-commerce companies, which always need a white or transparent image background. It can be product images, lifestyle images, jewelry images, or anything else.
Photographers :
Most photographers require clipping path services to make their images flawless and outstanding. If their clients want to sell products online, the products need to be removed from the background, which can be white or transparent.
Graphic Designers:
Graphic designs allow graphic designers to make logos, illustrations, and ads, among other things.
People who work in marketing:
Photographers can eliminate backgrounds in pictures or put together multiple images.
It is an advertising agency, a printing industry, magazine design, web design, etc.

Clipping path service
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