What is photo editing?

We live in A era of technologies. We had reached so far; now, technology is in our palmtop.
Years ago, people used to create a portrait of there selves as a memory of a sweet time of their life.

That time people had to call a professional painter and sit for hour after hour in front of them. Even after this long effort and time, they never got the perfect picture.

In the year 1885, the camera was invented, and after that, everything started to change. Before only rich people can afford to have a portrait of there selves as hiring a painter was expensive those days and still is.
After more than a hundred years, the camera is no more a rich people thing. Nowadays the camera is in your hand for 24/7.

Everyone has a Smartphone, and the Smartphone is not only smart by its name. It has all the features to be smart.
With all of the smart features, the camera is the most common feature among them. Even some people choose their smart device based on the camera. 

After the camera comes in our life, picture or image is an easy thing to capture. The camera has developed, so much in this time. There are several different kinds of a camera for a particular job. 
After the revolution of the camera, one thing also added in this industry, and that is editing.

Before, when the camera was first invented, it has to develop and go through a process for getting the actual image. And there is no such space of correcting it without redoing it.

But now you can do editing right after you take the picture. Editing can change the whole meaning of the image.
As the way of taking picture changed, also the use of it changed before the picture was only taken for capturing memories. Now the usage has gone so far. 

People moved to online, with the grace of the internet. From online dating to online shopping, a good quality picture tells the story itself. 

The need for picture editing is beyond our thinking, and a picture may attract you or distract you. It all depends on the quality and which comes from timing and editing. 
This editing industry has become so more than our imagination and clipping path is one the part of this editing technology.  
If you want to take a picture of yourself or your product or anything, by clipping path, you can remove the background of the picture. And make it fit anywhere you want. Remember a quality picture tells the story itself. 

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