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No matter how complex the image, we effortlessly edit it to be as perfect as you wish. We provide high-quality clipping path services, including image retouching, recoloring, resizing, shadowing, enhancement, masking, manipulation, and more.



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Remove the background of your image with our hand-drawn clipping path service without damaging or losing any pixels or resolution.

eCommerce product image editing service for online shops

Do you want to make your product image very attractive and stand out to sell and promote your business?
We are doing great work with our customers for product photo editing work to handle their eCommerce shops such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc.


Clipping path service

Want to remove the background with a hand-made clipping path to display your product images seamlessly and accurately to your clients? No worries, leave the responsibility to us; we will faithfully execute your tasks as per your expectations.

We use the Photoshop pen tool to extract the image and provide a high-quality clipping path and photo editing service.

Starting at $0.29 per image

Image Recoloring

Image recoloring

Maybe you need many different colors of a product, and taking pictures of all colors can increase your cost and waste time. You can take a single picture with your camera and recolor it in different colors with the Photoshop tool, which will reduce your cost and save time.

We offer the best recoloring service at a flexible price. Let us know what color you need; we are committed to making your image attractive and enticing.

Image Manipulation

Clipping path

The mannequin, dummy, or body of any person assists the garment products in maintaining their shape. It helps the clients understand how the product will look when they wear it. but the picture with a mannequin, dummy, or body of a person is not so attractive.

We provide a solution to this problem. We use the latest image editing techniques to remove the dummy, or sham, from the picture.

Image Retouching


Are you searching for reliable and professional photo retouching services? If you want perfect and striking pictures, you can trust us. We ensure you standard-quality images. We have the experience to work with a large number of clients all over the world.

We offer you high-quality services that meet your needs. We use the latest and best innovations to provide you with the best quality images.

Model hair masking

sensitive edges of a picture, such as human hair, fluffy clothing, furry animals, fuzzy edges, etc., where it is too difficult to extract the main object from the background. We use the latest hair masking technique and provide a simple to super complex image masking service.
Our image editing group is specially trained to deal with your image masking needs as per your necessities.

Image shadowing

Clipping path

Adding shadow using the Photoshop technique to the product image makes the image look very prominent and beautiful, There are different types of shadows, like drop shadows, existing shadows, soft shadows, reflection shadows, etc.
We offer the best shadowing service for your eCommerce product image at a flexible price. We will make it attractive and enticing.

Image Enhancement


Edit Pix offers you the best quality image enhancement service. By correcting the lighting, you can give your image a senior look. which are beyond your imagination. We use the best photo enhancement software to add dynamism to dull pictures.
Our expert and experienced artists work 24 hours a day to restore your images so that you can use them online or anywhere else.

How Edit Pix works

Free trial

Send 1 or 2 images as a test job, and we will process your image according to your instructions. It may take about 1 or 2 hours.

Place order

Once you are satisfied with our test work, place the order and relax; our specialist will complete and deliver it in your time.

Download image

Download the complete file and check it. Once you are happy, you will send the payment; if necessary, you can request us to re-edit.

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Why choose us for your project

Edit pix

Skilled and dedicated editors

We have 150 skilled and dedicated editors; we can edit and deliver 1000 images per day.

Latest software, tools, and method

We use the latest software, like Photoshop CC, to edit images, and we guarantee 100% quality.

Hassle free and On time delivery

We provide 100% hassle-free service and deliver on time; we are active 24/7 a week.

Comparatively low price

We provide 100% quality service at a comparatively lower price than Europe and America.

Customers Reviews

I would give 6 stars if I could! Incredible experience working with them. Professional skills, quality of work, availability, adherence to schedule, communication and cooperation all perfectly on point!
New york, USA
editpix`s exceptional technical skills and commitment to quality were evident in the results he delivered, surpassing my expectations. He consistently met deadlines, great deal great work.
Mike Sendler
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