Our prices start at just $.29 per image.

Don’t worry about the price. You will get the best service from us at a comparatively low price. Let us know which service you need. We can negotiate prices based on your requirements and volume. Please find below some prices for our services.

Clipping path

clipping path

Starting at $.29

Our starting price for a simple clipping path is $.29 per image. The price will increase if the photo is complex, such as a bicycle, jewelry chain, and so on. It also depends on the time and image quality.

Image retouching


Starting at $.49

We are offering $.49 only for the basic image retouching service; basic retouching means removing only a focused spot, dust, stain, or something else. If your image requires complex retouching, we will discuss the price.

Image recoloring

Starting at $.25

We are rating you for the simple image recoloring service at $.25 only per color. Let us know your color code, color reference, or color sample, and we will colorize your image as per your instructions.

Image manipulation

Starting at $.49

Our starting price is $.49 only for the image manipulation or neck join service. We remove the mannequin from the garment image and add the neck part to it using the Photoshop technique, which is essential for e-commerce websites.

Image shadowing


Starting at $.39

There are different kinds of shadows, such as natural shadow, drop shadow, existing shadow, etc.; our starting price is $.39 only for simple shadowing services. Such shadows give an image a highly realistic and professional look.

Hair masking

Starting at $.29

Hair Masking Technique Needed for Model Image: We have rated $.29 only per image for the simple hair masking service, but if the photo is complex or takes a lot of time, then the price will increase.

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